6 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You Instantly via Your Social Media

6 ways to make your audience love you instantlyMaking your customers love you, appreciate you, all through your social media might sound a tall order. Does that mean you have to be funny, entertaining, be all things to all people or just provide information of value? Here are six tips to help you encourage your audience to love you.

#1 The Colour of Love

You could start at having a look at the dominant colours on your website and within your social media platforms. This post by Problogger outlines the negatives and positives of various colours and how some colours are more suited to different themes and topics. For example, an overuse of reds and oranges would not be appropriate for a business selling enviromental messages and products.  This post demonstrates ten wordpress websites that are using particular designs and colours to suit their business.

#2. The Language of Love

We all know that there are particular words that do well within blog titles and email newsletters subject headings. This post by Copyblogger claims that these five words have been proved to be the most successful although some work less well within some social media platforms. These five words are YOU, FREE, BECAUSE, INSTANTLY and NEW.  I have just added the word ‘instantly’ to my blog title (‘you’ was there already) and it will be interesting to see if it has a positive effect instantly or not!  Do check out the whole article for an interesting discussion on these words.

#3. Slideshare Love

More and more businesses are using Slideshare as a means to promote their business – and it is working!  Heidi Cohen’s latest post shows us how to get the most from Slideshare. Don’t just view it as somewhere to stick the slides that you created for a presentation. It is a social media platform too and with more and more people viewing slides to learn more, it is worth giving it a try.

#4. Love Me, Love My Blog

There is so much about a blog to attract viewers and so much to turn them away too. Elements such as colour, navigation, contact information, sidebar content, and that’s before we even get to the content. Jeff Bullas has ten commandments to follow to ensure your blog does not repel readers, but attracts them. Some of it is common sense and some will serve as a useful reminder to check on your own blog.

#5. Trip the Font Fantastic

Trip the font fantastic

Picmonkey is a wonderful tool for manipulating photographs and particularly if you would like to add text to a photograph. However, it can often be difficult to decide on a font for a particular message.  This post contains some tips on ensuring the font is appropriate for your topic.

#6. Share the Love with Images

We all know that good images do well on social media, and that isn’t limited to Pinterest. Good images are shared hence more people will see them. Social Media Examiner share some tips on how to ensure your images are even more shareable from creating collages to using Instagram effectively to that all important ‘call to action’.

Do you feel your social media will generate more love now?  Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

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