25 Pinterest tips, Crowdfunding & Social Media Productivity Tips – The We Teach Social Roundup

25 Pinterest tips, Crowdfunding & Social Media Productivity Tips - The We Teach Social RoundupWith our courses in full flow we’ve still managed to find time to blog in the last week. Lorna has been writing about Pinterest and crowdfunding and I shared my productivity tips. Here’s a roundup of everything we wrote about.

25 Pinterest Tips To Maximise Your Pinterest Success

I don’t know anyone who knows more about Pinterest than Lorna. She’s always embraced the network and a look at her blog proves that it works for her. She gets a huge amount of shares from it.

Luckily she is always willing to share her knowledge and this week she put together a fabulous Slideshare including 25 tips.

See it in full here.

Crowdfunding Successfully ….. – Interview with The Stormy Teacup

It’s always interesting to read success stories but this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. Lorna interviewed ‘Storm In A Teacup’ who are coming towards the end of a crowdfunding campaign.

As I write this they are still a few hundred short of their crowdfunding target. I have my fingers crossed that they make it.

Read Lorna’s interview here.

How To Add Social Media Bookmarklets To Your Browser

One of the ways I avoid social media distraction is by using browser extensions and bookmarklets. Instead of visiting social sites all the time I can just click a button to share stuff.

Of course I still do log in to networks but this cuts back the number of times I do it in the day. Here’s how to add them and a list of bookmarklets and extensions that I recommend.

7 Social Media Productivity Techniques & Tools I Use Every Day

I have spent years trying to nail productivity. It’s always going to be a struggle but I am satisfied that it’s a battle I’m winning. This week I shared my top 7 social media productivity tips. One of them I’m using right now as I write.

How To Write Great Social Media Bios, Clever Instagram Case Studies & More – The Social 7

I was researching a lot this week so there’s some quite interesting stuff collated in my social media roundup. We were talking about blog commenting on #talkingsoc so I started investigating further. Somehow I also found a comprehensive list of words that will result in your email marketing hitting the junk filter.

Read more here.

How To Tell Your Twitter Stories With Storify – Cool Tool

For March I am focussing on social media storytelling and blogging. Storify seemed like the perfect fit and until I reviewed it for this post I hadn’t realised that you can collate information from across the web not just Twitter.

Read my review here.

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