Storytelling – How This Irish Skill Can Help Your Social Media Marketing

photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc

photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc

I walked into a tent at a music and arts festival in Ireland.  On the small ramshackle stage an elderly man sat surrounded by a large audience. He was telling stories. He didn’t have a book in his hand, his stories were winding and came straight from his memory. It was enchanting.

Irishness and storytelling go hand in hand. Even the young people you meet in the pub are able to tell you tales of ordinary life that seem fascinating and full of rich characters and narrative. It’s also a trait that can make us all better social media marketers. Here’s some tips I’ve found to help make us all better storytellers.

What listening to a story does to our brains

Why does storytelling work for marketing?

When we hear stories we are more likely to retain information. Our brains start to react to the stories we are told, sections of our brain that we usually use when we actually experience something will light up.

If we weave stories in to our social media marketing our readers and customers are more likely to remember us and our products. Read more here on the Buffer blog.

Telling Stories With Images

When we think of storytelling we tend to think of words but images can tell stories too. Images have become hugely important in social media marketing too. On Facebook a good picture will stand out on the newsfeed,. Pinterest’s popularity shows that people love looking and sharing images. Even Twitter has images appearing in the newsfeed now.

This post from Social Media Examiner shows you four businesses who are leveraging the use of images online.

Using Instagram To Tell Stories

Instagram has become the heart of visual storytelling. A scan through your feed reveals snippets of people’s lives. You will find yourself being drawn in to the stories of the people you follow.

This technique can work for business too. In these four examples we see how tourist destinations are using them effectively.

Visual storytelling tools

If I’ve convinced you that visual storytelling is something you want to add to your marketing mix here are four tools that you can play with. We haven’t tried them yet but I’m looking forward to trying Storywheel in particular.

If you have used any of the featured tools or if you have a good alternative leave us a comment below.


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