Social 7: LinkedIn & Instagram Tips, Dealing with Trolls, DigiWomen and more

The Social 7, Knowing Your Reader, Linked In Tips, Dealing with Trolls ...It’s Friday again which means it is Social 7 time. It’s Lorna here this week with a roundup of my favourite social media posts. I hope you enjoy.

Is Traffic Vanity?

Many of us dream of having a blogpost go viral, of having thousands of people visit our blog in a week and seeing it being shared across various platforms. We believe it will bring untold riches to our business. Are we right?

Having had two blog posts go mildly viral (each received about 50,000 views in a week with total views now of approximately 70,000 each) which was great but neither resulted in huge sales, I was wondering if I did something wrong.  The first one reassured me that I was doing the right thing in writing a book on the topic, the second reassured me that the book would be popular (the second one went viral the week before my book was published) and while both have resulted in some sales, the numbers were relatively small. However, I wondered if I had done something wrong – surely more of those visitors should have signed up to follow my blog or become fans of my facebook page or pre-ordered the book? According to Mark Schaefer, that is normal. He had the same expectations when one of his posts was shared by a key influencer. He views the key metrics to be, not traffic, but returning visitors, time spent on website, social shares and conversions.

A lady emailed me the other day to tell me how much she was enjoying my book and I recognised her name as having commented on one of my blog posts. That’s one of the benefits of blogging: she enjoyed the content, she interacted, she purchased and hopefully she will tell others about it too.

A post going viral is not to be sneezed at but don’t forget about the key metrics in the road to success.

How To Deal With Trolls

I often find that some business people are fearful of using social media because they worry about being attacked in public or even worse, be subjected to distressing messages from a troll. Every business should have a system in place to deal with negative feedback, the number one reaction being to take discussion of a complaint out of public sight and deal with it over the phone or by email. Social Media Examiner suggests lots of ways for dealing with trolls or those who complain. I particularly like the examples where humour is used – although you would have to be careful in case your humour was seen as sarcasm and made the situation worse!

Digi  Women

The dearth of female speakers at digital conferences has been a bugbear for some time, particularly as it is one industry in which there are many knowledgeable women working at high levels. Pauline Sargent of DigiWomen points out that there are only two female speakers compared to fifteen male speakers at an upcoming digital marketing conference. As one commentator points out, the statistics suggests that they only invited five female speakers of which two accepted. Do you think the concern is exaggerated or should we be doing more to highlight the talent and knowledge held by various women in digital marketing?

LinkedIn Tips

I find that many business people set up a LinkedIn profile and then ignore it, only logging in occasionally to accept connections or when they decide to ask for some new connections. It’s a good idea to revisit your profile (and indeed, LinkedIn as a whole) to refresh your skills and build relationships with potential customers. Jeff Bullas has three tips for improving your use of LinkedIn and I’m intrigued by his suggestion to limit your skills (that people can endorse) to a maximum of five. He argues that limiting them will ensure you are seen as a specialist in your field rather than a generalist. I think I agree with him although I think I will limit mine to fifteen to start with! It is true that sometimes I have been endorsed for skills I don’t fulfil very often and I would prefer to stick to skills I focus on.

Size Matters

Some of the social media platforms change the size for image use occasionally. It can be handy having a guide as uploading photos in the wrong size can mean that the most important part of the image isn’t visible to viewers. I was double checking the size for photos in the twitter stream the other day and discovered that Rebekah Radice has a handy guide for all of the platforms. Definitely one to bookmark.

Improving Instagram Use

With Instagram having more users now than twitter, more and more businesses are trying to work out how they can best use it to advantage. Jenn’s Trends analyses how a jewellery company is utilising Instagram so effectively along with a few tips for suggested improvements. It clearly shows how this company is building trust and relationships with potential customers. If you’re considering improving your own use of Instagram, do check out this case study.

Knowing Your Reader

This post by Convince and Convert shows that while good content is important, it’s essential that you understand what your reader wants and needs. You also need to be in the right place to deliver that content to them, you need to know where your readers hang out so that they can find your amazing content. As a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fan, I was drawn to the title of this blog post too, it completely hooked me in. I knew it would be about social media given that it was hosted on the Convince and Convert blog and the title The Lord of the Content: The Fellowship of the Reader made me look twice. This also emphasises the power of a good headline.

And more …

If you are considering running a facebook contest, do check out Amanda’s case study on the ‘Nose of Tralee’ contest on Facebo0k. A huge success and a really interesting read. If you’re thinking of using Valentine’s Day as a hook to increase sales, I’ve written a post explaining how to use your blog post images and Pinterest to reach more customers.


  • Pauline Sargent

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

    • Lorna

      You’re welcome Pauline – I hope this issue is re-addressed soon.

    • Thanks Pauline and well done for addressing the issue.

  • I read that the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory (that my kids love) is going to be tackling trolls in next week’s episode so will be looking forward to that one. I’ve yet to pay attention to the sizing of photos and really must get my act together and do so, thanks for the reminder!

    • Lorna

      Yes, I shared a photo on twitter the other day and it really lost its impact as was portrait so need to spend some time cropping and resizing a few. Photos definitely do attract attention on twitter I think.

    • Thanks Dee, I tend to be a bit lazy with photos on twitter but one I shared this week really lost its impact in the timeline so I should be more attentive.

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