Authors: Learn How To Sell More Books Using Social Media

How To Gain Press Coverage via your Social Media - One Week Course3 Weeks: Starts 8th June 2015 – Finishes 26th June 2015

Authors – Learn how to sell more books using social media in our 3 week eLearning course.

If you are writing a book (or if you have written some), you are not just an author. You are now a business person too and you need to  learn how to sell your product, your book. It is a fact that all authors are having to embrace social media – to build fans and followers, to encourage their communities to promote their books, to increase sales and to gain more press coverage. Even if you are a published author with a publisher behind you, you are usually left on your own to promote your books.

It is worth noting that having a social media following is extremely useful if you’re looking for a publisher. It has happened on numerous occasions that authors have been overjoyed to secure a publishing deal only to find the publisher changes their mind when they realised the author didn’t have a following.

This course will equip you to use various social media tools to engage your audience, to build fans and grow sales, and to help you gain press coverage for your books too. The course covers Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn and Email Newsletters. Your tutor Lorna has taught social media courses online and face to face for five years. She has a successful career as an author and uses social media extensively to promote her own books and to gain free press coverage.

You will receive individual feedback on ‘homework’ submitted during the course. You will also have these notes to refer to in the future and can become a member of the We Teach Social Alumni group on Facebook too.

If you would like to learn how to use Pinterest and Instagram to promote your books too, we will have details of a one week course soon.

How It Works

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  2. You will receive your lessons via daily emails.  A lesson is sent out every weekday morning for the duration of the course.
  3. You will receive feedback on your progress by doing the weekly assignments.
  4. You can also contact the trainers or chat with other participants in the We Teach Social group on facebook.

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Week One

Social media is not a monologue, it is a dialogue. It is a vehicle allowing for two way conversation, for chatting to fans, for receiving feedback and to grow followers. People buy from people and your books will be better known as you share your personality and your writing with your followers.

A blog is similar to an online public diary where you can share your thoughts, your progress, your tips, your experience, your forthcoming book launch and other events with your readers. Most authors include details of their books (and where they can be purchased) on their blogs / websites.  Readers can comment on your blog posts and the conversation can become two-way.

This week is going to focus on blogging: creating a free blog (if you don’t have one already), how to write blog posts that attract readers via your choice of titles and first paragraphs, how to increase sales with effective calls to actions, how to engage your target audience, how to grow your traffic and readership, create shareable images and most importantly, how to enjoy blogging. The lessons this week will also share good writers’ blogs with you and show you how to engage with those writers.

Homework: Writing a blog post and your ‘about me’ page.

Week Two

This week will focus on Twitter and LinkedIn. As a business person, you should have a profile on LinkedIn and I will show you how to find relevant writers’ groups and interact with other writers. If your book is aimed at business people, LinkedIn is a platform you should be using on a regular basis.

Many people are very puzzled by Twitter until they use it for some time. Tweets are messages of a maximum of 140 characters, you will follow other people and they will follow you. Many readers will say they first read particular books having chatted with the author on Twitter.

Monday: Twitter – Many authors using Twitter wonder why it doesn’t work. Twitter is about engagement, not constant calls to action. This lesson will show you what you should and shouldn’t do on Twitter so you can avoid those common mistakes. It will also show you how to set up an account (if you haven’t got one already) and the importance of a good header, avatar and bio. It will also show you how to create conversational tweets that encourage conversation (easier said than done).

Tuesday: Twitter – Do you know how to find your target audience on Twitter? Do you know how to use hashtags to grow your community? Photographs are becoming increasingly important on Twitter too so I’ll show you how to improve them too. It will also cover how to make your account stand out from the crowd, deliver sales and continue to grow your following.

Wednesday: Twitter How to use hootsuite for easier management of your twitter account and to schedule your tweets. I will also show you how to evaluate the success of your twitter account so you can monitor, evaluate and improve.

Thursday: LinkedIn – This lesson will show you how to create a compelling profile, how to connect with others and the types of updates that should do well.

Friday: – LinkedIn – How to get endorsements and recommendations, how to publish posts on LinkedIn and how to use the groups to advantage. If yours is a business book, I will also show you how to share relevant content within your updates to reach your target audience.

Homework: Submit your LinkedIn profile and your Twitter account for assessment and feedback.

Week Three

Monday: How To Get Free Press Coverage – this lesson will show you how to write a press release and how to target specific journalists. It will also show you how to create content that should be attractive to journalists (so they can find you) and how to build a relationship with them on the various social media platforms.

Tuesday: Facebook – This lesson will show you how to create a Facebook page (if you haven’t got one already) and grow your  community by creating engaging updates. This lesson will also show you how to improve your avatar and cover image by using some free photo manipulation tools.

Wednesday: Facebook –  It’s very easy to spend money boosting posts and creating promoted ads on Facebook but not so easy to maximise your returns. This post will show you how to create well optimised ads that deliver results.

Thursday: Facebook & Goodreads – If you would like to run a book launch on Facebook, this lesson will show you how to do it. It will also show you how to grow your community within Facebook groups. It will also show you how to use Goodreads to advantage, to set up an account, to review other books and to hold competitions there.

Friday: How to set up an email newsletter using Mailchimp, set up a subscription form on your blog and on Facebook, choose a template and use compelling subject lines.

Homework: Create 3 Facebook updates and submit links for assessment.

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