Facebook 2015 – What’s New

1 Week: Starts 8th June 2015 – Finishes 12th June 2015



What’s new with Facebook

Facebook is constantly changing. We probably saw it evolve more in 2014/2015 than ever before. Advertising has become an important part of all Facebook marketing, reach has taken a dive and the algorithm is forcing us to be more meaningful with our content.

Make sure you are up to date with the changes by taking this one week course.

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What you will learn

Learning Outcomes – You will learn about the changes to the Facebook posting algorithm, how advertising works and what sort of content to post to ensure maximum reach. 

  • Latest updates to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, what they mean
  • The ban on promotional posts
  • Facebook advertising, what’s new – multi product ads, targeting travellers and more
  • Facebook audience insights – what it tells you about your audience.
  • Domain insights – how to access them and what they tell you about your website
  • Business manager – What is it and how does it work?
  • Instant articles
  • Posting frequency and reach

How It Works

  1. Sign up for the course by booking your place.
  2. You will receive your lessons via daily emails.  A lesson is sent out every weekday morning for the duration of the course.
  3. You will receive feedback on your progress by doing the weekly assignments.
  4. You can also contact the trainers or chat with other participants in the We Teach Social group on facebook.

Who Should Take This Facebook Course?

If you are an established Facebook business user who needs to keep up with the changes this course is for you. Amanda Webb keeps her eye on updates as they happen and experiments with techniques to see what works..

How Is The Course Delivered?

This course is being taught over 1 week. You will receive a daily email (every week day) with a lesson for that day. You will have full access to tutors for the duration of the course.

How familiar do I need to be with Facebook to do this course?

To get the most from this course you must have been using Facebook for business for at least three months.

You will need to access Facebook via the web (rather than just mobile or tablet) to get full benefit from this course.

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