19 Tweets from #TalkingSoc – A Journey Into Food Blogging

19 Tweets from TalkingSoc A journey into food bloggingTuesday 2nd June 9pm GMT saw our June #talkingsoc tweetchat and we were joined by blogger, podcaster and author Caitríona Redmond of  Wholesome Ireland.

Caitriona blogs wholesome, mainly healthy, recipes and advice that can be prepared on a tight budget and will appeal to families. Her first cookbook “Wholesome” was published by Mercier Press in April 2014, and is based around the concept of feeding your family well on a budget. She wrote, cooked, styled and shot the book on her own.

 1. You don’t see food blogging as a niche yet why has your blog become so popular?

2. Why did you decide to do the weekly shopping deals on your blog and what has the response been like?


3. Are you monetizing your blog?


4. You clearly love blogging. You also podcast. Which do you prefer and why?

5. What opportunities has blogging brought you? And do you have any tips for others?



I particularly like the positive messages from Caitriona regarding how blogging has really changed her life. It has enabled her to work from home and means that she can’t wait to start working every morning.



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