Sneak Peek: Interview with A ‘Follow The Recipe’ Speaker

Sneak Peek: Interview with A 'Follow The Recipe' Speaker

Caitriona Redmond of Wholesome Ireland is one of the speakers at our ‘Follow The Recipe Blogging and Online Marketing Event for Foodies‘  on 23rd July. Here’s a sneak peek into Caitriona’s background and her forthcoming presentation.

Title: How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you think you need amazing photographs or outstanding writing to be a brilliant food blogger? With so many great food blogs out there, Caitríona will discuss ways to be unique, how to embrace your differences, and how this will allow you to find your “voice”.

Caitriona, what was your background before you turned to growing vegetables, writing recipes and blogging?

I worked as an executive/personal assistant for a commercial estate agent. In fact, I was Irish PA of the Year 2008. I was also an IT trainer and trained many of my former employers’ staff in-house. I have various qualifications in IT training and management.

What did social media help you achieve?

Social media made me feel connected. As a work-at-home-parent, opportunities to get out and meet like-minded people can be few and far between. Social media gave me a feeling that I was connected to other people in my own situation. I never saw (or see) it as a means to an end or a business thing when working on my personal blog.

How did your concept of your first book come about and how influential was social media in bringing it to fruition?  

The concept of my first book came about because I felt it was a natural progression of the blog. I attended a food writing course with Dianne Jacob organised for Irish Food Bloggers and felt I could tackle it. I assembled a pitch, sent it to the publisher, and had my book proposal accepted in principal within a matter of four days.

I have a couple of other books in draft. Don’t all authors say that? Seriously though, I have 3 other cookbooks drafted believe it or not! Did social media have a hand in it? Certainly, most publishers (if not all) require your social media details and statistics when deciding whether to give you a book deal or not.

I know you are an avid podcaster – how has that expanded your reach and your fanbase?

Podcasting is brilliant. People listen to podcasts a lot. It’s a really underestimated way of communicating with people. Not everybody has the time to read, or watch something online. Podcasts can be downloaded, added to a playlist and played at your leisure. I spend most of my days listening to podcasts when I’m working in the kitchen. People feel more connected to somebody if they hear a voice in a regular basis. It’s lovely.

Caitriona and Glenisk

Can you give us a blogging tip? 

I think that people sometimes think that they should blog what other people want to read/what’s trending/what’s cool. The thing is though that if you blog what you’re interested in, then you’re more true to yourself and the blog is a better representation of who you are. I always wear my heart on my sleeve, but I think it makes me a better blogger. Just my tuppence worth anyway!

There you go. If you would like to come along to our evening Follow the Recipe conference and learn how to stand out from the crowd in your blogging, do book your place now.


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