5 Irish Food Bloggers You Should Be Following On Instagram


5 Irish Food Bloggers To Follow On InstagramInstagram was made for food, you can’t go to a restaurant anymore without finding a bunch of people snapping photos of their dishes. There’s even a restaurant in Tel Aviv that has made their plates Instagram friendly, including camera mounts and photography lessons that ensure their customers get the best shots.

Food bloggers know photographs are an essential part of promoting their blog posts. They also help keeping people interested once they’ve clicked through. Instagram gives bloggers a chance to share snippets of their foodie lives before we read.

We’re following lots of food bloggers on our We Teach Social Instagram. I’ve picked out a few that should be an inspiration to all. This is in no way a comprehensive list, it’s just scratching the surface. I hope to share more of my favourite accounts over the coming weeks.

1. Kenmare Foodie

Karen shares wonderful pictures of her food journey. Both dishes she creates herself and those she finds when she eats out. This is interspersed with stories of her family.

The result is a mix that gives me a picture of her life and suggests a blog that will be entertaining to read.

I’ve particularly enjoyed watching her Sourdough story. Here’s the first picture of her starter, sadly she hasn’t posted a picture of the finished product yet:


2. French Foodie In Dublin

This account isn’t just about food. Β It’s about food and it’s about Dublin. She shares snippets of her favourite spots in Dublin. Some of the sites those of us familiar with the town may overlook. There are street corners, ornate roofing and street art alongside photos of food.

I love her series of photos of floors, each one featuring her feet.

Tasty cocktails and pretty floor 🍸

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3. The Honest Project

This account is all about healthy food that look delicious. It’s hard to believe some of it is healthy at all. I’m definitely going to have to try this Strawberry fool recipe.

It’s her alphabet posts that really caught my eye though. With each one she shares a tip. Look at this one for F – flaxseed.


4. The Silver Chicken

David’s account gets the award for making me the hungriest. But food isn’t his only passion. It’s clear from the pictures that he also enjoys hill walking and running. Once again I feel like I know more about this blogger than just the food he enjoys from this account. Sharing these snippets from his life makes his blog more appealing to me.

Look at this view. It’s inspiring.

I’ve also discovered The Slice Cafe thanks to David, I’ll be paying it a visit on my next visit to Stonybatter.

5. GastroGays

This account oozes personality. I can see they are passionate about food and know how to eat well as the food pictures are great. I love the selfies more though. I feel like I am following Patrick & Russell on their adventures.


A post shared by Patrick + Russell (@gastrogays) on

Interestingly they embed their Instagram photos in their blog posts to illustrate them. A clever way to build a following.

What all these accounts have in common is personality. Most of them showcase life beyond the food. They tell stories visually the way we would expect them to tell them with words in a blog post. If you aren’t following them already you should.

If you are an Irish food blogger and love Instagram share your account with us in the comments. We will follow and you may get featured next time we showcase Instagramers on our blog.

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