Local Food & Social Media – #TalkingSoc With Keith Bohanna


Twitter Chat With Keith Bohanna Local FoodJoin us on Twitter at 9pm Tuesday night for this month’s #TalkingSoc. Our special guest this month is Keith Bohanna.

Date: 7th July 2015

Time: 9pm BST

Guest expert: Keith Bohanna

About Keith

Keith Bohanna runs a series of events which celebrate local, small scale and artisan food producers who truly care about the food products they produce. These events run in Highbank Organic Orchard in Kilkenny, Cooks Academy in Dublin, Theatre of Food during Electric Picnic and Savour Kilkenny Food Festival.
He is co-founder of Real Bread Ireland, a network of craft bakers (both craft and small scale bakers) and consumers whose aim is to encourage the eating of better, real bread.

He is the Leader of Slow Food South East. He’s also speaking at our Follow The Recipe event.

We’ll be talking local food and social media with Keith on Tuesday night.

Come and join in and ask your own questions or join in with your own comments. Just use the tag #talkingsoc when you tweet.

What we will be talking about

Topic 1. You’ve been blogging a long time. Way before I had even heard of the term. Tell me about your first blog post.

Topic 2. You are two things that I have heard are incompatible. A foodie and a vegan. Where did your interest in food start?

Topic 3. What is ‘Real Bread Ireland’. Where did the idea come from?

Topic 4. How have you used social media to promote Real Bread Ireland. What has worked for you?

Topic 5. What tips do you have for food producers using the Internet to promote their businesses.

Drop in and join us on Twitter at 9pm on Tuesday by following the tag #TalkingSoc. We’d love to have you as part of the discussion and hear your comments.


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