Real Bread, Local Food & Blogging – 53 Tweets from #TalkingSoc with Keith Bohanna


53tweetstalingsockeithThis month’s #talkingsoc Tweet Chat with Keith Bohanna was great. We talked about bread, promoting yourself as a food business online and blogging.

Keith has been blogging since 2005.

He shared his story of how he got Real Bread Ireland going and how he used social tools to build it.

Here are some of the tweets from the evening, if you want to follow the whole conversation do a search for the #talkingsoc tag on Twitter.

Good evening and welcome to #talkingsoc with our special guest Keith Bohanna


You’ve been blogging a long time. Way before I had even heard of the term. Tell me about your first blog post.


You are two things that I have heard are incompatible. A foodie and a vegan. Where did your interest in food start?

What is ‘Real Bread Ireland’. Where did the idea come from?

How have you used social media to promote Real Bread Ireland. What has worked for you?

What tips do you have for food producers using the Internet to promote their businesses.

To hear more from Keith about real bread and local food join us at our bloggers and foodie event on 23rd July. Follow The Recipe. Book your ticket here.


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