6 Irish Food Businesses To Follow On Instagram

6 Irish Food Businesses To Follow On InstagramPosting beautiful and mouthwatering photos of food is a must for any food business using Instagram but there should be far more to an Instagram account than photos of product. Yes I’ll be tempted by your dishes but after a while they all meld into one.

A good food business mixes it up and makes sure that they are memorable. I’ve chosen six Irish food businesses that I follow on Instagram. Some of them I found thanks to Instagram, some I’ve gone out of my way to visit, others are on my wish list. If you are looking for Instagram inspiration you don’t have to look much further.

Ely Winebars

Ely Winebars Instagram account is a mix of food, wine, drinks and people photos. I particularly like their use of the Layout app to showcase produce.

This photo is perhaps one of the scariest that I’ve seen on Instagram. Apparently this is what a Monkfish looks like.

It may be ugly but it proves to me that their produce is a fresh as can be.

I also love this collage that shows Oysters being prepared.

Kai Galway

There are very few photos of finished dishes on Kai’s account which is surprising as I’ve eaten there and the whole table had to whip out phones when the food arrived as it was presented so beautifully. This is probably because the account is managed by Jessica Murphy, co-owner. Instead of just the finished product we get to follow her life from what is happening in Galway today, photos of the fresh ingredients they cook to behind the scenes shots with staff.

The @kingofcarlow #Saturday #LdI #welovekai A photo posted by Jessica Murphy (@kai_galway) on

#Galway #Summers #Currents #Galore #welovekai

A photo posted by Jessica Murphy (@kai_galway) on

The Happy Pear

True to it’s name ‘The Happy Pear’ has to be one of the happiest accounts on Instagram. It’s full of food and smiling faces. If it’s not the brothers themselves it’s their family. They certainly seem to be living a healthy and happy life and I can testify to the food being delicious too.

Super smoothie time for the littlies! With walnuts, goji berries, raw Cocoa, spiralina, banana & coconut water 😄 A photo posted by The Happy Pear (@thehappypear) on

Local purple fine beans just in, they really look amazing and taste great – gotta love the summer produce!! 🎉😄

A photo posted by The Happy Pear (@thehappypear) on

Shells Cafe

Shells Cafe is located in Strandhill, Sligo and faces on to the Atlantic. As a result they have fabulous natural light. This seaside light contributes a natural filter that infuses all their posts. The blue colour scheme is reflected in their branding. Mixed in with pictures of the food are images of happy staff and of course the sea. Their account is so inspiring I had to make a trip out there whilst on a recent visit to Sigo town.

Curious Wines

If you read my blog posts on Spiderworking you’ll already be aware of Curious Wines. Unlike all my other selections they are not a restaurant, bar or cafe but a wine retailer. Their Instagram account mixes photos of wine, humour and behind the scenes photos. I particularly like their wine quotes and jokes

Any Port in a storm 😉 A photo posted by Curious Wines (@curiouswines) on

They are also masters of newsjacking. Here’s there 4th of July post:

Cheers to our American buddies!

A photo posted by Curious Wines (@curiouswines) on

Staple Foods

I’m not sure if Staple Foods invented their food style for Instagram but it suits it perfectly. They do salads, and big piles of salad at that. It’s impossible to resist the temptation to photograph your food when it arrives and that’s probably why they do so much re-gramming.

They also occasionally share their reviews, reassuring any potential customers that they are making the right choice.

Lovely review on our @facebook page! #vegan #staplefoods #templebar #vegan #paleo A photo posted by Staple Foods (@staplefoods) on

All of these accounts show us more than just food and drink. They tell us about their businesses and it’s the people that keep me coming back. I love seeing snippets from their days, I love the humour and I love to see where my food is coming from. Instagram is constantly introducing me to new places to eat.

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