Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

3 Weeks: 12th October 2015 – 30th October 2015facebookchalk

Advertising has become an essential part of your Facebook strategy and this course is designed to take you through setting up your first ad to getting started with Facebook’s Power Editor tool.

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What will you learn?

Week 1 – Starting out with Facebook ads

Learning Outcomes – In the first week, you will learn how to set up basic timeline ads on Facebook. These are the ads that you can access via your Facebook page such as ‘Boost post’, ‘Promote page’. I’ll show you tips and tricks on how to maximise your success with these ads.

We’ll also look at creating images for your ads, and the 20% text rule.

  • What are ‘Boost post’, ‘Promote page’ and what are the advantages of using them?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using Timeline ads
  • How to avoid getting your ads rejected
  • Creating images for your ads
  • How to set up and optimise ‘Boost post’ ads from your Facebook page
  • How to set up and optimise ‘Promote page’ ads from your Facebook page
  • Creating ads in Ads Manager – the basics

Week 2 – Supercharge your ads with targeting

Learning Outcomes – In week two you’ll learn how to supercharge your ads by creating strong, targeted audiences. We’ll also look at how to set up ads in Ads Manager giving you more control and options over your ads.

  • Creating audiences in Facebook. The options.
  • Using Facebook Audience Insights and personas to build an audience
  • Retargeting website visitors with your Facebook ads
  • Creating custom audiences from your email list
  • Creating lookalike audiences
  • Applying targeted audiences to your ads in Ads Manager

Week 3 – Advanced techniques

Learning Outcomes – Now you know the basics we can look at how to plan your campaign and how to measure success.

  • Creating website conversion ads to measure your success
  • Decoding your Facebook ads report
  • Planning your Facebook ads campaign
  • Using Power Editor to speed up your ad creation.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for the course by booking your place.
  2. You will receive your lessons via daily emails.  A lesson is sent out every weekday morning for the duration of the course.
  3. You will receive feedback on your progress by doing the weekly assignments.
  4. You can also contact the trainers or chat with other participants in the We Teach Social group on facebook.

Who Should Take This Facebook Course?

If you are already using Facebook for business but want to find out more about how to get more from your Facebook page using advertising this is the course for you. We will take you through Facebook advertising from setting up your first ad, to creating and targeting custom audiences and getting started with Power Editor.

How Is The Course Delivered?

This course is being taught over 3 weeks. You will receive a daily email (every week day) with a lesson for that day. You will be given mini assignments during the course and you will receive regular feedback on your progress, designed to ensure you stay on track and get the most from the course.

How familiar do I need to be with social media to do this course?

You will need a Facebook business page with at least 100 Likes and a good understanding of how Facebook for business works.

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