Improve Your Blog – 3 Week Course

Blogging For Your Business - 6 Week Course

3 Weeks: 2nd November 2015 – 20th November 2015


This three week course focuses on showing you how to improve your blog – whether it is a business blog or a personal blog. You’ll learn how to address your target market, increase traffic and readers (and conversions if relevant), and write posts to attract journalists and gain press coverage.


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What Will You Learn?

Week 1 – Improving the Content and Presentation of your Blog Posts

Learning Outcomes: You will learn how to structure and present your blog post effectively for your target reader and for the search engines. We’ll cover how to attract more readers, improve your images, gain more social shares and convert more calls to action to business.

  • What makes a good blog?
  • Explanation of blogging terms
  • What makes a good title?
  • How to encourage your readers to read past the first three lines
  • How to ensure you are using the right keywords in your blog posts
  • How to tag and categorise your posts correctly
  • How to improve your blog images
  • Copyright
  • How to identify and write for your target market
  • How to write a call to action that appeals to your target market
  • Assignment (optional) To submit a blog post for feedback

Week 2 – How To Write About You

Learning Outcomes: It can be difficult to write about yourself (and your product or service) in such a way that others want to find out more. This week, we’ll be concentrating on improving your ‘About Us’ page and how to write about the benefits of your product.

  •  How to write about your company / brand and the information you should omit
  • Essential inclusions for your “About Us” page
  • Getting your images / posts ready for sharing on other social platforms
  • How to encourage your readers to engage and to share
  • How to deal with negativity
  • How to build connections with potential customers and other businesses
  • Blogging Etiquette
  • Assignment – Submit your ‘About Us’ page for feedback

Week 3 – Technical Details & Blogging With Confidence

Learning Outcomes: This final week starts with showing you how widgets and plugins can improve the functionality and the appearance of your blog. We’ll also plan objectives, goals and content for your blog for the next few months and show you how to get free press coverage in the future too.

  • The best widgets for your blog
  • 10 Essential plugins for your wordpress blog
  • How to beat blogger’s block
  • How to set goals and objectives for your blog – and achieve them!
  • How to create a content schedule
  • How to get free PR via your blog
  • Summary of the most important tips
  • Assignment: Submit 3 blog posts within a week of the course ending. Feedback will be returned within the second week.

 How It Works

  1. Sign up for the course by booking your place.
  2. You will receive your lessons via daily emails.  A lesson is sent out every weekday morning for the duration of the course.
  3. You will receive feedback on your progress by doing the weekly assignments.
  4. You can also contact the trainers or chat with other participants in the We Teach Social group on facebook.

Who Should Take This Blogging Course?

You should have an existing blog in place when starting this course as it does not deal with the technical details of setting up a blog. It is suitable for business owners who have a blog in place or personal bloggers who have been blogging for some time. You can take the course if you have a blogspot or wordpress hosted blog but two lessons in the third week presume the bloggers have self hosted blogs and it covers some technical aspects such as how to add plugins, the difference between tags and categories, how to improve your images and how to add widgets.

Previous participants on the course have doubled their traffic within weeks of completing the course and gone on to secure freelance writing within magazines.

How Is The Course Delivered?

This course is being taught over 3 weeks. You will receive a daily email (every week day) with a lesson for that day. You will be given mini assignments during the course and you will receive regular feedback on your progress, designed to ensure you stay on track and get the most from the course.

This course is being taught by Lorna Sixsmith, ghost blogger for a number of businesses and avid blogger for her own two blogs. Lorna’s first book was inspired by the popularity of one of her blog posts and she has secured significant press coverage in Ireland and abroad.

How familiar do I need to be with social media to do this course?

You should have an existing blog and have written at least five blog posts.

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