How It Works

We Teach Social provides social media courses  and delivers them online.   Businesses that use social media grow twice as fast as businesses who do not (ACT Wales Ireland Project research) yet  it can be difficult to find the time and the resources to learn how to use the social platforms effectively. With We Teach Social, you can complete courses in twitter , facebook, pinterest, blogging, youtube and google +, plus courses created specifically for particular industries.  You can complete these courses from the comfort of your own home or office, cutting out on the need for commuting.  You can complete the work at any hour of the day too making learning much more accessible and convenient.

The Trainers

Amanda Webb and Lorna Sixsmith have been offering training in social media to SMEs for a number of years, working with businesses, Enterprise Boards, Partnerships and other training bodies.  Coming from a mixed background of academia and self employment, we understand the pressures of running a small or medium enterprise and ensure that the delivery of our courses result in clear learning outcomes that are achieved.  We have  ‘walked the talk’ and are passionate about the potential that social media offer businesses.

How It Works

The courses are 1, 2 or 3 weeks in duration. Once you book a course, you will receive your paypal invoice as acknowledgement of your booking.  You will receive an email each day ( Mon-Fri ) outlining the course content for that day’s lesson. This will be in the form of video or a written lesson with images.  You can communicate with the trainers via email and with other participants at the We Teach Social group on Facebook.

How Much Time Will It Take

The time needed for each lesson will vary somewhat. We try to vary it as that if you have a busy week, it can be nice to have a short lesson coming after two more lengthy lessons.  Generally speaking, a lesson will take 30-60 minutes of your time and the weekly assignment could take two hours. Having said that, once you start playing with photo manipulation software or chatting to other on twitter, two or three hours can fly by if you have the time in the evening to devote to it.


We believe that feedback and evaluation is extremely important to aid learning. Hence, each week a mini assignment  (or other means if appropriate) will be set which will ensure you are learning how to use the social media tool effectively for your business.  You will email the completed assignment (or link) to a dedicated email address by a set date and you’ll receive feedback on your work to date.

Extra Material

You will have access to the ‘We Teach Social’ aalumni group which is home to extra learning resources with videos and webinars. We will also update it with explanations of changes to the social media platforms and how these might affect your business.

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