Instagram for Writers 3 Week eLearning Course – 15th February 2016

15th February - 4th March 2016 Would you like to reach more readers and increase your book sales using Instagram? Indie author Lorna Sixsmith and Instagram enthusiast Amanda Webb will show you how to start up and improve your Instagram presence, Did you know: Instagram has more active users … [Read more...]

9 Bloggers Share What Blogging Did For Them

It's very easy for me, as a social media trainer, to talk about the advantages of blogging, to tell businesses they should be blogging, to talk to other authors and try to convince them of the value of blogging. However, it's not necessarily always easy to convince businesses that they SHOULD be … [Read more...]

6 Irish Bloggers Share Their Top WordPress Plugins

I love Wordpress plugins. I know it might be geeky to say so, you may think I need to get a life but these little mini applications get me excited. For those of you who aren't familiar with plugins they are add-ons that make your site more feature rich. For example, we have a plugin for this site … [Read more...]

4 Ways Writers Should Use Instagram

  If you are trying to work out how to use Instagram to promote your writing and your books, here's four ways that are being well utilised by other authors.  Where I Write Read any interview with a writer and it will almost always include questions around the topic of when and where the … [Read more...]

Event Information – Are You Coming To #SocialRecipe?

It's all go at the We Teach Social offices today ahead of our Follow The Recipe foodie and bloggers event. Lorna has been busy packing goodie bags and I'm doing cutting and sticking... If you haven't booked your tickets yet there are still a few left. You can get them online here. There will be a … [Read more...]

6 Irish Food Businesses To Follow On Instagram

Posting beautiful and mouthwatering photos of food is a must for any food business using Instagram but there should be far more to an Instagram account than photos of product. Yes I'll be tempted by your dishes but after a while they all meld into one. A good food business mixes it up and makes … [Read more...]

Interview with ‘Follow The Recipe’ Speaker – Emma Walls of Glenisk

  Our Follow the Recipe event is coming up next week and we're delighted to bring you an interview with Emma Walls, marketing manager of Glenisk. We've worked with Glenisk for over three years now since they first sponsored the Blog Awards back in 2012 and we're delighted they are sponsoring … [Read more...]

8 Irish Food Bloggers Share Their Top Blogging Tips

We asked Irish food bloggers to share their best blogging tip. If you  are a blogger who is struggling to get started, or a blogger that just wants to improve what they are doing these tips could be invaluable. Una-Minh Kavanagh - Spill The Beans Blog often, blog well. I like setting myself a goal … [Read more...]

Real Bread, Local Food & Blogging – 53 Tweets from #TalkingSoc with Keith Bohanna

  This month's #talkingsoc Tweet Chat with Keith Bohanna was great. We talked about bread, promoting yourself as a food business online and blogging. Keith has been blogging since 2005. He shared his story of how he got Real Bread Ireland going and how he used social tools to build … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Interview with A ‘Follow The Recipe’ Speaker

Caitriona Redmond of Wholesome Ireland is one of the speakers at our 'Follow The Recipe Blogging and Online Marketing Event for Foodies'  on 23rd July. Here's a sneak peek into Caitriona's background and her forthcoming presentation. Title: How To Stand Out From The Crowd Do you think you need … [Read more...]

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