Instagram for Writers 3 Week eLearning Course – 15th February 2016

15th February - 4th March 2016 Would you like to reach more readers and increase your book sales using Instagram? Indie author Lorna Sixsmith and Instagram enthusiast Amanda Webb will show you how to start up and improve your Instagram presence, Did you know: Instagram has more active users … [Read more...]

9 Bloggers Share What Blogging Did For Them

It's very easy for me, as a social media trainer, to talk about the advantages of blogging, to tell businesses they should be blogging, to talk to other authors and try to convince them of the value of blogging. However, it's not necessarily always easy to convince businesses that they SHOULD be … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Authors Should Blog

For most authors, it's only when you come out of the writing cave that you realise how warm and cosy it was in there. Many will say that it's when the book is published that the real work starts. Whether self-published or traditionally published, it's a lot of work to send out press releases, get … [Read more...]

Instagram for Business

3 Weeks: Starts 7th September 2015 - Finishes 25th September 2015 Instagram is overtaking Twitter in terms of popularity with over 300 million active users worldwide. Instagram isn't just about pretty photographs, it is an effective communication, publicity and sales tool if used correctly. Every … [Read more...]

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